One has to play every day. One is like a bird, and can you imagine a bird saying “I’m tired today. I don’t feel like flying.”?
— Yehudi Menuhin


I recommend at least 2 lessons a week of 25 minutes for beginners aged 5-7. Please contact me directly to discuss this option. 


Depending on age and level, lessons vary from 45 mins to one hour.

 Please contact me to discuss fees.


Lessons are generally paid in advance and in groups of 10.

You may also pay cash at the time of the lesson if that is more convenient


Studio Policy


Attendance Policy
Your weekly violin lesson is a priority for me, and I expect you to make it a priority also. Please consider this time as YOUR time, and make other appointments around your lesson time.

  • If you are unable to make your lesson time, unless you give me adequate notice (more than 48 hours), the lesson will not be made up

  • If I need to change the time of a lesson, or need to postpone, it will be made up at a suitable time for both of us.

Practice Policy
Without effort, nothing good can be achieved. It is my expectation that the student practice at least 6 days a week. The practice time must be focused and free from distractions.

The student needs to have available to them :

a tuner

a metronome

a music stand

a commitment to do their best